Healthy, non-toxic food should be a human right. Unfortunately, large amounts of toxic synthetic chemicals, GMOs, sewage sludge and other harmful inputs of industrial agriculture are applied to our food. Over 500 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed per year in the US alone! By saying no to the industrial food system, and saying yes to organic, we are putting long-term human and planetary health before short-term economic gain. Look for the organic label to differentiate real food from the toxic food that so often populates our stores and markets.

Here are the facts:

Buying organic is the only way to know your food was produced without the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals, sewage sludge, GMOs, irradiation, or animal cloning.

Organic is a form of regenerative agriculture that can increase the fertility of soil, creating more nutritious food and reversing climate change.

Many organic farms grow bio-diverse crops (rather than the monoculture model that conventional farming relies on, which depletes the soil). This biodiversity helps to preserve healthy soil microbes and root systems that defend plants from harm. Healthy soil equals a healthy planet and ultimately a healthy you.

Livestock managed organically must have access to the outdoors and room enough to move, graze, and develop in a manner that supports their natural behavior. These animals cannot be given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Certified organic food producers adhere to a strict system of government-mandated regulations verified and certified by third party inspectors.

Take Action:

Support the health of your family, farm workers, and communities by saying NO to toxic, synthetic chemicals and YES to organic! Choosing organic food creates a positive ripple effect from farm to table.

Look for USDA organic label when food shopping. When purchasing produce, look for 9 at the start of the sticker number.

Look carefully. Natural and non-GMO are not the same as Organic. Natural has no actual meaning on a food label. And non-GMO simply means no GMOs. It doesn’t protect you from all the other harmful inputs of industrial agriculture.

If possible, grow your own edible garden or veggies in containers. Make sure to use organic seed. Take a look at Seed Savers Exchange and High Mowing Organic Seeds for options.

Visit our action center at for easy actions you can take to make a difference.

Engage your Power! Because of conscious buyers like you, organic food production is growing at a higher rate than any other sector of U.S. agriculture. Every time you buy organic food you are helping revert a destructive agricultural systemic into a healthier, regenerative model!

Learn more by watching these videos: The Organic Effect (glyphosate in your pee!): and The Natural Effect (remember natural is not the same as the organic label):